Mr. Dr. Albrecht Möllmann
ChairmanHyCologne - Hydrogen Region Rheinland e.V.

In our view, hydrogen is an indispensable energy carrier for achieving the climate protection goals. It stores renewable energy, enables emission-free mobility and ensures climateneutral industrial processes. By networking competent actors, we want to ensure that the market maturity and economic viability of hydrogen technology in the Rhineland region is massively increased and that large-scale projects are implemented.

HyCologne - Hydrogen Region Rheinland e.V.

Goldenbergstrasse 1
50354 Hürth

HyCologne - Wasserstoff Region Rheinland e.V. currently brings together more than 50 stakeholders - companies, cities and communities as well as research institutions - to implement projects in the field of hydrogen technology. Since 2007, HyCologne e.V. has been active primarily in the Rhineland region, but is also respected and recognised beyond the region and internationally. Over 10 years ago HyCologne e.V. enabled the use of by-product hydrogen from the chemical industry for buses with fuel cell propulsion, so that today the Rhineland has a leading position in Europe in the conversion to hydrogen propulsion in public transport.