Mr. Bastian Gerstner-Riewer
Head of Project DevelopmentMitsubishi Heavy Industries EMEA, Ltd., Duisburg Branch

Hydrogen will not only support NRWs decarbonisation ambitions, but will certainly play a major role in keeping the strong and skilled industrial basis this region is known for. Cooperation and coordination with other, international industrial partners, and authorities will be key to build a competitive landscape that includes all parts of the value chain, incl. imports.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries EMEA, Ltd., Duisburg Branch

Schifferstraße 80

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region is primarily represented by its regional headquarters Mitsubishi Heavy Industries EMEA, Ltd. (MHI-EMEA), in London, United Kingdom, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries France S.A.S. (MHIF), headquartered in Paris, France. MHI-EMEA provides corporate support functions to MHI Group companies, while, together with MHIF, also drives MHI Group’s overall business development efforts across the region. MHI-EMEA represents a number of MHI business activities including compressors, corrugating machinery and marine machinery as well as aviation, including aero engines. The company’s branch in Duisburg, Germany focuses on the growth of MHI’s energy transition related business. At the center of activities are the company’s expertise along the hydrogen value chain and broader decarbonisation technologies. MHI-EMEA’s footprint around the region also includes branch offices in Duisburg, Erlangen and Munich in Germany as well as the MHIE Corrugating & Printing Machinery Division in Almere, The Netherlands.